Towards innovative and successful organizational development

Ordeca develops a digital development platform for organizational design based on research and experience. We operate from a strong belief that effective organizational design processes are critical for successful organizational development.

Our mission

Our mission is to transform the organisational consulting industry – using digitalization as an accelerator

Identified key challenges

Lack of abilities

Many organizational design processes fail due to a lack of the necessary change management abilities.

Lack of internal involvement

External driven processes are often cost intensive and have a risk of resulting in low internal motivation and ownership.

Lack of tools, structure and perspectives

Internal driven organizational design processes often lack the tools, structure, external perspective and experience from other organizations.


We develop a digital platform/SaaS solution for innovative and successful organizational design. It aims to enhance experience transfer, structure and build capabilities related to organizational design processes.

Transfer experience of expertise

Templates, guidelines, models and external perspectives to decision makers and specialists in organizations.


Data collection, analysis and decision making of organizational design processes.


Long term structural and cultural organizational design capabilities.


Ordeca is a response to the growing need for better organizational design processes and the growing interest in digital tools for process improvement and innovation. The name Ordeca is derived from our solid belief that ORganizational DEsign CApabilities are a critical component to organizational success.

Call for action

Our industry experience clearly demonstrates a growing need for organizational design tools supporting managers, specialists and consultants to improve their ways of conducting organizational design processes. The tools should contribute to create long-term structural and cultural organizational design capabilities.

Digitalization as an accelerator

We use digital tools as accelerators to leverage knowledge transfer, structure processes, build enterprise organizational design systems.

Pilot customers

We offer a limited number of pilot customers to join for a pilot project. This offer is mainly directed to large and project intensive organizations. Especially global private companies, municipalities, hospitals, and other types of public organizations. We offer our long-term experience in organizational design and our digital development platform. Your contribution is to give input, test and apply the digital platform to your actual organizational challenges. You decide the scope. The test can be executed off-line for maximum security. As a pilot customer you will have access to test the platform with continuous support from Ordeca. Please contact us for more information.